• William T. Howe Ph.D.

September 5, 2021

Daily Reading: Ezekiel 21-22

Ezekiel 22:30

And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.

The Lord is still searching. Will He find you? Will you be the one in your family, at your work, among your social circle, to stand in the gap? The gap is the space between the Lord God and humans. He is immortal; we are mortal. He is spiritual; we are natural. He is Holy; we are sinful. He is largely unknown, misunderstood, and even ignored. Somewhere, at someplace, and at some time, someone must stand in the gap between God and individuals.

Standing in the gap is to fill the gap. With one hand grasp the hand of God, with the other hand grasp the hand of individuals, and join them, bringing God to them and bringing them to God.

Making up the hedge is to establish boundaries. God has a boundary. It is His Word. For example, one boundary He has today is that belief in Him is by faith not sight. Meaning He will not appear to individuals so that they will believe, not physically. So, to bring people to Him someone must explain Him to others, teach about Him, preach about Him and live in a manner in which others may see Him in their actions.

Today the Lord is in Heaven still looking for souls to stand in the gap and make up the hedge. The land is at stake. That is how important it is. Will you be that one? Will you stand in the gap? How sad it is for the Lord to find none!

Until tomorrow, live for Christ today.

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