• William T. Howe Ph.D.

November 3, 2021

Daily Reading: Luke 23-24

Luke 23:12

“And the same day Pilate and Herod were made friends together: for before they were at enmity between themselves.”

You may have heard the phrase: “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” or “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Today’s verse is a perfect example of the concept. During the life and time of the Lord Jesus Christ, Pilate and Herod were enemies. Pilate was the governor of Judea, Herod the ruler of Galilee. After the arrest of Jesus, He was interrogated by Pilate, who then turned Him over to Herod for further examination. At the first Pilate said in Luke 23:4, “…I find no fault in this man.” Of Herod it is recorded in Luke 23:8: “…he was exceeding glad:…” to see Jesus. However, both of these men turned their anger on the Lord. It was then that they became friends. They had a common enemy, the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore they formed an alliance.

This once again proves that there is nothing new under the sun, just as Solomon stated in Ecclesiastes 1:9: “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” There are ample examples of things like this sprinkled throughout the Bible. For it is the greatest repository of knowledge concerning human conduct the world has ever known. If any person desires to know of the actions of others in any situation, all they need to do is study the Word of God, it will highlight that which has been done as a projection of that which shall be done.

The trinkets of a society may improve and be “state of the art”, but human nature is the same in all civilizations, time periods, and economic conditions. This is why studying history always sheds light on tomorrow. The more a person knows about the conduct of individuals in the Bible the more they will be able to make sense of their actions today. In business, in families, in churches, in governments, and in society at large, the actions of individuals can pretty much be predicted based upon history.

So, read your Bible with an eye and mind toward the actions of people. You will learn much of a practical nature to help you today. Oh, you may not understand the motives, reasons, or purposes of why people do what they do, but you will better understand, and predict, their actions. By the way…the life actions of a believer in Jesus Christ should be different. As different in our time as Jesus was in His time. One example: instead of making our enemy’s enemy our friend; we are to love our enemy, pray for them, do good unto them, and bless them. Christ makes this difference in us through the Holy Ghost.

Until tomorrow, live for Christ today by being predictably Biblical in your Christian walk.

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