• William T. Howe Ph.D.

July 27, 2021

Daily Reading: Song of Solomon 1-8

Song of Solomon 2:1

I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.

The book of the Song of Solomon is a book marked by mystique. It keeps the reader guessing, wondering, and anticipating. Even today’s verse is an enigma. Some believe this is speaking of Christ, some believe it is speaking of His bride the local church, and some believe other lesser held interpretations. Frankly, no conclusion can be dogmatically determined. It holds the reader’s attention by maintaining mystery.

The entire book is filled with mystique. It gives enough to intrigue but not enough to fully satisfy. It is never fully consumed for it is never fully explained. While reading the book, easier concepts such as the love of a husband and wife can readily be seen. So, it is a marriage self-help book. If used as such, remember the overriding nature is mystique. Keeping the mystique in marriage will yield years of mutually beneficial returns. Also, while gleaning the book the relationship between Christ and every believer can be seen. He, being the master of mystique, always gives His believers enough, but never so much as to breed carelessness, or casualness. Reading the book with an eye toward a New Testament church in relationship with Christ is another interpretation. He leads His church in ways mysterious at times, but always lovingly, softly, and continually. Another reading may remind the reader of God and Israel’s complicated relationship. A mystery it is, no doubt.

No matter the perspective in which the book is viewed, one thing is common. It is filled with mystique which keeps it interesting for its readers. Best advice: just read the book and let the mind of God steer your mind into that which He knows you need. After all, reading this book is an exercise in imagination. It may be that what is needed is a little mystique in your life and relationships. After all, intrigue is a powerful spice of the flavor of life. A little goes a long way but too much is distasteful. The Lord God as the master chef of mystique, He gives just enough to keep the reader interested and the story tasteful.

Until tomorrow, live for Christ today.

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