• William T. Howe Ph.D.

February 4, 2021

Daily Reading: Leviticus 11-13

Leviticus 11:1

And the LORD spake unto Moses and to Aaron, saying unto them,

Why? Why the dietary law? Why the laws about a woman's "separation" after childbirth? Why is leprosy dealt with in such a tedious manner? Why? Because God commanded these things and others that we will read about in coming days. He spake these things to Moses and Aaron, they were to speak them to the people of Israel, and the people were to obey.

Frankly, the reason could have been safety. As you read these laws of God it is easy to see that through obedience to them the entire nation would be protected from disease. Due to their primitive medicines and nomadic lifestyle a simple case of infection could easily have caused a plague and wiped out their entire nation. Food contamination, blood borne contaminants, and leprosy were highly probable without continual safeguards being maintained.

Or, it could have had to do with separation from way the world was at that time. Dirty, unregulated, and careless; especially concerning personal hygiene. Or, it may have something to do with a Heavenly code or unwritten spiritual issue. Frankly, we do not know why, for God never gives us that benefit of knowing. But, however, we do have one big clue, that even the greatest minds in the world cannot fully comprehend.

God records this clue twice in chapter 11 when giving His dietary regulations. He said ye shall be holy; for I am holy in verse 44. This same statement is given again in the very next verse, the only difference is that the Lord adds the word therefore between shall and be. This phrase is used only eight times in Scripture, all in Leviticus except for one. That one being in I Peter in the New Testament.

Our Father in Heaven is Holy, He desires His people to be Holy as well. Today we are not regulated by these dietary, physical, or even ritual laws, these are all physical in nature. Today God's people are to be regulated by spiritual laws. For that which is physical in the Old Testament is mostly spiritual in the New Testament. Therefore God commands holiness of all His people.

Just as some of the commands in the Old Testament seem difficult to understand with the human mind, so too are some of His New Testament commands. Like turn the other cheek in Matthew 5:39. That is difficult for a born and bred redneck that would rather be in the woods than in the nicest house in town.

But that is the Lord's command. So, live by it I will. You, see, obeying God is not found in understanding why, but rather understanding who! Who commanded it, and who will obey it.

Until tomorrow, live for Christ today.

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