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  • William T. Howe Ph.D.

February 25, 2024

Read to Read …Again

Daily Reading:  Numbers 33-34


Numbers 33:48

And they departed from the. Mountains of Abarim, and pitched in the plains of Moab by Jordan near Jericho.


In Numbers 33 the forty years of “wilderness wanderings” of Israel is reviewed. Herein are listed 42 of the places Israel camped during those years. Can you imagine? For forty years moving all your goods on average once a year and in some years more often? 


Below is a chronological overview of some of the events which befell Israel during this time.


Their first four stops were before they crossed the Red Sea.

Note:  When Israel left Egypt they carried Joseph’s bones with them, just as he commanded. They buried him in Shechem, which is in the promise land, long after their conquest of Jericho.  He died 200 years earlier but prophesied that his bones would not rest until Israel rested in the promise land. What a man of vision he was!


Just after crossing the Red Sea the people murmured about the bitter water there. Moses cast a tree in the water at the command of God and the waters were made sweet.


In the wilderness of Sin God sent manna and quails to feed the murmurers.


At Mt. Horeb Moses’ hands were held up by others and Israel won the battle against the Amalekites. Also that first “water from the rock” miracle took place.


At Mt. Sinai they worshipped the golden calf. It was also there that the Tabernacle was first set up and God’s Spirit filled it as a pillar of a cloud.


At Hazeroth Aaron and Miriam (Moses’ brother and sister) tried to usurp him and Miriam was made a leper.


In Kadesh-Barnea the twelve spies were sent into the promised land and returned with their evil report (except for Caleb and Joshua).


In the wilderness of Zin, the earth opens and swallows up Korah and his ilk.


Back again in Kadesh, they made a big circle, Moses disobeyed God when he hit the rock instead of speaking to it as God had told him to do. Because of this he was disqualified from entering into the promise land.


The brass serpent being lifted up, saving all the people who simply looked upon it happened after the stay at Mt. Hor.


On Mt. Nebo, Moses views the promise land and was gathered to his people.


In most of the stops mentioned in this overview the Israelites murmured, complained, and backslid, yet some rose to the occasion and lived by faith. This proves, once again, it is not one’s altitude that regulates their spirit and resolve to live for God, it is their attitude. I trust this overview has helped.


Special Note:  The fall of Jericho will soon take place… hold on, it’s a wildly miraculous story!

Dr. William T. Howe

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