• William T. Howe Ph.D.

December 7, 2021

Daily Reading: Galatians 1-3

Galatians 3:26

For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.

It was at a youth camp. It was on the first day of camp. It was one of my most embarrassing moments. All of the various pastors and adult counsellors were meeting in an outdoor area. It was the first meeting of the week. Most of the people in attendance I knew, some I did not. Everyone was greeting one another with friendship and anticipation for a great week at camp.

Sitting outside meant sitting on yard chairs. You know those old metal chairs that your grandparents had? The camp had a bunch of those chairs, plus picnic tables, wooden benches and white plastic chairs. But those metal chairs. You remember the ones they have tubular legs that were formed something like a C. The top part of the C supported the seat, the upright part of the C was the strength of the chair, and the lower part of the C contacted the ground giving the entire chair its support. It was designed in such a way as to have some “give” in order to make a slight “rocking” motion.

Mine “rocked” too much. Upon putting my full weight on the chair, the legs began to bend and then continued to bend. There was no “rocking” motion, there was only one slow agonizing downward motion. I knew what was happening, but my weight distribution was such that there was absolutely nothing I could do except sit back and enjoy the ride. I ended up on the ground sitting atop a collapsed, bent, and broken chair. How embarrassing. I won the “Walking Disaster Area” trophy that week.

From that day until this, I never sit in a chair that I don’t first “check out” to make sure it will support my weight. Never again do I want to live through that experience.

There are many thousands, yea millions, perhaps billions that will experience something just as embarrassing. Yet, more than embarrassing, or devastating. They will be found sitting in a chair that will not stand up to their weight, and they will find themselves fallen, shamed, and shocked that the thing they chose to cast their sin debt on is not sufficient to save them from falling.

Every person trusts in something, even if that something is absolute nothingness. In Galatians the Apostle Paul presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the only way of eternal salvation. He contends that Christ’s gospel is unique, not based upon works, and is acquired through faith and faith alone. He encourages us, if you will, that when all of this life is over, make sure that you are sitting in a chair that will not fail you. The chair of faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Until tomorrow, live for Christ today.

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