• William T. Howe Ph.D.

December 25, 2021

Daily Reading: II John 1, III John 1, Jude 1

Jude 1:21

Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

This book was written under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost in order to expose false doctrine and false teachers/preachers. It is as easy to understand as it is brief. One point that the writer makes that is of special importance is found in today’s verse. Jude writes, Keep yourselves in the love of God. This is the personal responsibility of every child of God. No, God will not take His love from any believer, but it is the responsibility of every believer to do all they can to keep themselves in His love.

Think about it like a marriage. If one spouse begins to ignore the other, stops spending time with them, ceases to communicate, becomes bitter, or any other such thing, love will be jeopardized. Not that the other spouse does not love them, but that love will not be seen, felt, enjoyed, or real to the one who chose to draw away through improper actions in the marriage. The difference between a marriage and the relationship a believer has with the Lord is that in marriage both parties are sinful human beings, but in the relationship that a believer has with the Lord, one party is perfect, and one is sinful. When the relationship is hurt, when the “love” is gone. The offending party is not the Lord.

Jude then reminds all to keep themselves in the love of God. How? By…looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep an eye out for His mercy. By the way, mercy on the part of married partners goes a long way to keeping the love fresh. Back to the believer and the Lord, look for His mercy! See it fresh everyday by spending some time in the Bible, by remembering to ask forgiveness for specific sins and see how He is plenteous in mercy. Do this unto eternal life. From now until then, the time of crossing over into that eternal domain, that place called Heaven. The believer’s final hometown.

Keep yourselves…

Until then, live for Christ today.

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