• William T. Howe Ph.D.

August 27, 2021

Daily Reading: Jeremiah 51-52

Jeremiah 51:64

And thou shalt say, Thus shall Babylon sink, and shall not rise from the evil that I will bring upon her: and they shall be weary. Thus far are the words of Jeremiah.

Jeremiah was quite a man. Yes, he was a prophet, but he was also just a man. His life is a testimony to all who read his words of faith, perseverance, and consistency. This prophet is second only to Isaiah, his message and manner was much like John the Baptist. More than any other prophet his personal life experience is put on display, and while we cannot appreciate it in the English, he was quite a poet.

Consider the hardships and suffering this man endured.

His life was one of solitude.

He was betrayed by his kindred, 12:6.

A plot was made against his life, 11:21.

He called himself “a man of contention to the whole earth” 15:10.

He was accused of being a traitor, 27:6.

The priests and prophets of his day demanded he be put to death, 26:8.

He was placed in stocks, 20:2.

He was put into prison, 37:15.

He was carried away by force into Egypt, 43:5-7.

Now the words of Jeremiah are ended. Humanly speaking his ministry was a failure in that Judah failed to heed his warnings. Eternally speaking his ministry was God honoring, God glorifying, and no doubt God pleasing.

Herein is the lesson of his life. It is not the results that matter for a person of God. It is the fidelity to the Lord God that matters in the next life. Some time ago I heard of a preacher on TV preaching a message which he called “Having your best life right now.” Or something to that effect. His message was all sorts of wrong. The best life for the believer in Christ cannot be in the here and now. The best is yet to come, it awaits after the grave, it is a mansion in Heaven with all its glory, grandeur, and brilliance. Jeremiah knows this to be true, for in this life he could only endure the harshness of it, but now in Heaven he is comforted, and his prophecies live on forever in God’s Holy Word. Each and every prophecy he gave has been fulfilled, is being fulfilled, or one day will be fulfilled. Thus far are the words of Jeremiah.

Until tomorrow, live for Christ today.

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