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  • William T. Howe Ph.D.

April 11, 2023

The Bible Edge

Everyone needs an Edge, Believers can have the Bible Edge

Nehemiah 4:6 So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.

Nehemiah was not a prophet, he was not a seer, he was not a priest, nor was he considered to be a man of God, but he was a man for God. He was the king’s cupbearer and was given an almost impossible task, yet, he accomplished it. There are many aspects of leadership that can be taught from the book of Nehemiah but none can overshadow the importance of the phrase …for the people had a mind to work. As any good leader should, Nehemiah shares the credit of this herculean task with the people who actually did the work. So built we the wall... The “we” is the group of people that had a mind to work. In thinking about our thought life one must honestly address the question, “Do I have a mind to work?”

Having a mind to work means that one’s mind is made up to work, the cost has been counted, the amount of energy to complete the task has been considered, the willful determination has been set, and the mind is ready for the physical work to commence. Having a mind to work without doing the work is a waste. Working without having a mind to work is ineffective. Having a mind to work and doing the work is very, very productive.

Sadly, there are many who do not have a mind to work, and will not work. They depend on someone else to work for them; these never accomplish much in life. You can mark it down; whether it is a corporation, a small company, a nation, a state, a city, a home, a church, or any other organization of people coming together for a common cause, the success or failure of that organization rests largely with people in that organization having a mind to work. Dr. Bob Smith says often, “Failure cannot cope with persistence,” and I say persistence is every bit as much about having the mind to work as it is in doing the work. Great rewards, both temporal and eternal, await those who have a mind to work and then actually go out and do the work.

It’s interesting that when Jesus said: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. That He followed it up in the very next verse with Take my yoke upon you… (Matthew 11:28-29). On one hand He promises rest, in the very next breath, so to speak, He speaks of working with him by putting on His yoke. Yes, He goes on to say For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. But still, a yoke indicates work. To put His yoke on, a mind to work is required. Work for Him. Work with Him. One day we will be rewarded by Him for that work. All it takes is a mind to work. Now that’s an edge, a Bible Edge for all. Create and maintain a mind that is willing to work. It will pay dividends both now and forever.

William Howe, Ph.D.

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